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What do ACE Certified Personal Trainers love about the work they get to do every day?

Shana Verstegen

Master Instructor at American Council on ExerciseACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2002

“I love watching clients change and become happier. It’s unbelievably inspiring to help people learn to love exercise rather than consider it something they must do.”

Jessica Thiefels

Content Marketing and Strategy Consultant and Personal TrainerACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2014

“I feel that my duty in this life is to help and lead people—and my vehicle for doing that is personal training. It makes me so happy to be able to share my knowledge, passion and resources with those who need help bettering themselves."

Beverly Hosford

Blog Editor and Publisher at NFPTACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2004

“I love tuning into each person's unique personality, needs and goals. It's also fun to share simple information and ideas that can transform someone's mindset.” 

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